Why should I teach my loved ones the TIPS & TRICKS?

The dangers families face in current times are unlike any we have ever experienced before.

You can unknowingly put yourself at risk or danger every day.

This program could save the life of someone you love!

Safe Family Programs deliver an amazing, positive, learning experience.

Simple to apply TIPS for Survival skills, crime prevention or to reduce the risk of an abduction, attack or bullying.

We use cutting edge technology, video production and social media campaigns that engage and resonate with people from 5 – 75.

20 years of delivering workshops gives us an extraordinary insight into the practical advice to help families and individuals stay safe.

Empower and educate your Family with the tools they need to live a safer life.

Violence and crime are increasing in many areas of our community.

We have created a series of simple to follow, interactive videos that are designed to empower Parents or Grandparents stimulating conversation on sensitive topics such as;’ Bullying, Child Abduction, Home Invasion, Internet, and more.

The videos instil a sense of confidence not fear, providing a positive influence on people of all ages about the steps they can take to be safer.

We teach practical life skills about personal safety, healthy habits, safe thoughts or feelings, as well as offer TIPS for coping with Depression.

Common sense habits and positive values aimed at improving the Family unit, personal safety and life skills.

One step at a time, we hope to teach Families around the world how to live safer, happier lives by applying our simple TIPS.

Want to know more..?

  • If you are concerned about the safety of your loved ones, we can help you.
  • We provide the simple TIPS and TRICKS to dramatically reduce the risk of harm or crime.
  • Simple short videos that show you how to reduce the risk of harm, identify and avoid dangerous locations, situations and people.

Did you know..?

  • There are more than 250 abductions every year? 83% of those are female.
  • Somewhere in Australia an assault happens every 90 seconds?
  • 43% of robbery victims were aged between 15 and 24 years?
  • 37% of victims of murder were aged 45 years and over?