Our Mission


We’ve launched a national initiative – the QUEST for 1 million SAFER Australian Families
We want you to JOIN the QUEST!
Learn the simple TIPS & TRICKS that will work for everybody.
Watch our Videos, book a Program or collaborate with us.

Media Support

We are on a crusade to educate 1 million Families. Key to this is television and internet media support.

Community Support

We have worked with many organisations over the years to improve their school, community or employee’s safety.
Here are a few you might know, please support them, as they have us.. Kids Helpline, Queensland State Government – Health, Queensland Rail, Platypus Graphics, the Fundraising Group, the Entrepreneurial Athlete, Brisbane Boys College, ATSI College, St Josephs Colleges, Brisbane City Council, Townsville City Council, Gladstone City Council, Gold Coast City Council.

What do we do?

Teach you how to improve the safety of your family and community.


  • The ABC’s of personal safety.
  • How to read body language.
  • How to identify dangerous locations, situations & people.
  • 5 must know self-defence moves.
  • Tips to stay safe on Social Media.
  • How to prevent an attack or bullying.
  • How to stand & communicate when you are threatened.
  • How to handle a confrontation – school or workplace.
  • Adults & Children, no fitness required.

Why this is for me?

  • This program could save the life of someone you love!
  • The dangers families face in current times are unlike any we have every experienced before.
  • You can unknowingly put yourself at risk or danger every day.
  • Safe Family Programs deliver an amazing, positive, learning experience.
  • Simple to apply TIPS for Survival skills, crime prevention or to reduce the risk of an abduction, attack or bullying.
  • We use cutting edge technology, video production and social media campaigns that engage and resinate with people from 5 – 75.
  • 18 years of delivering workshops gives us an extraordinary insight into the practical advice helps families and individuals stay safe.
  • Empower and educate your Family with the tools they need to live a safer life.