Help yourself or someone you love feel better…

Remaining positive even when it feels like life is working against you is important.

Expect that life is working with you and not against you to keep you SAFE.

What you do matters. Your choices, conversations and behaviors have the power to shape your life.

Expect good things to happen to you, regardless of what you’ve experienced in the past.

  • Do and say things that build your self confidence.
  • Set simple goals.
  • Build a supportive circle of friends.
  • Focus on good qualities about yourself.
  • Be honest to yourself and others.
  • Do not worry about what is out of your control.
  • Get and stay fit.

Spend time everyday doing one positive thing that makes you feel good.

Sometimes we get so caught up thinking about what we do not have that we forget what we do have.

Keep a list of all the great things in your life, hang it on a wall and look at it with appreciation, everyday.

Treat your body and mind well they deserve, exercise, stimulation and rest.

It is possible to shift your feelings and change your mood.Like changing the channel on TV.. you have the remote.

When you feel stressed or sad, you need to remind yourself of the good things.

Close your eyes and think of an awesome moment in your life.

Bring back that experience in your mind and it will give you an instant happy feeling.

Movement and exercise changes feelings and improves moods. 10 minutes of movement when studying or depressed can help dramatically.So get up and move when you feel down.

Skipping meals and junk food affect moods dramatically.
You will feel even more stressed if you are hungry or fueling your body with the wrong food.

Remember… your brain can store 100 trillion facts and make 15,000 decisions a second.

Change stimulates the brain… so embrace it!
Try new things.

To stay happy it is important to look for the best in people, try to forgive others for hurtful actions.

Everyone deserves to be loved and respected – especially you.