Safe family

Being aware is your number 1 defence & will reduce the risk of harm or crime

Personal & family safety

Teach your child to identify people who make them feel uncomfortable to someone they trust.


Join the quest for I million safer families !


We are looking for Community Partnerships with Companies working in Regional or Remote Communities.


Are you looking for a fun & educational program for your school that teaches critical survival life skills?


Short videos and story sharing with the audience deliver message of awareness, prevention, family harmony.


Our education promotes positive conversations about the steps everyone can take to adopt safe habits.

safe family

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Safe Community

How can be safe?

Safe Family

Safe family

Safe Ebook

Fitness, Health & Wellbeing Program

Safe Parenting, Awareness Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Workplace Violence, Motivational, Leadership, Life Skills, Life Expansion, Corporate Fitness, Special Needs & Self Defence Programs

New 2016 S.A.F.E Schools Program
These are the “MUST KNOW” FACTS for Students
Practice random acts of kindness
Walking alone, bikeway attack Video

"Expert in Individual, Family & Community Safety. Serial Entrepreneur since the age of 22. Motivational Speaker and advocate for Women, Youth, Kids & Safety."

− Kim Klein

"Expert in Individual Conflict Resolution, Family & Community Safety. Keynote speaker on Motivation, Fitness & Safety."

− Ian Jacobs