Predators are people who prey on children and young adults. They could be Adults they may be older children. They are clever and sometimes hard to notice. Predators use a child’s desire to be loved and wanted. They prey on a child’s vulnerability, often winning them over with gifts and compliments or tricking them. Reduce the risk of this happening to your child by teaching you child some of the common TRICKS they use;

Asking for help Trick

Predators may ask a child for help with directions, finding a lost puppy or child. Teach your child that Adults ask Adults for help, not children. They may even carry items to make you believe their story such as photos or a dog leash.

Emergency Trick

Predators may use an emergency to confuse your child. Such as ‘Hi I’m Frank from Mum’s work …. Quick get in the car … Mums had an accident and I need to take you to the hospital to see her” They try and panic the child to make a decision they wouldn’t normally, to lure them away.

Threat Trick

If abuse has taken place, children can be threatened into silence. Predators and Paedophiles often threaten to tell their parents or friends. It is not uncommon for Predators to pressure the child into recruiting other children to abuse.

Costume Trick

It is a common trick to use a costume to lure children and hide the identity of the predator. Be wary of this in shopping centres and malls where there are a lot of people and parents can be easily distracted providing opportunity for the child to be lured away.

Fame Trick

We see this often with the Internet and Facebook. Predators lure the child to meet or send photos after promising to make them famous as a model or movie star.

Teachers Trick

Predators often manage to obtain teaching positions. Despite the efforts of our best Schools it happens. Be wary of special assistance and offers to tutor for no fee, this may be the teacher creating an opportunity for abuse to occur.

Internet Tricks

Predators troll the internet looking for kids personal information. Predators will pretend to be other children, they will compliment, seem to like all the same things the child does and make them feel good by giving lots of compliments. They will ask the child’s age, school, are they alone and what time Mum & Dad get home from work to quickly identify where the child lives and the times that child is alone by the computer.

Job Promotion Trick

Predators will often use promised of a promotion or job in exchange for sexual favours. This can happen to anyone of working age.

Friend Trick

Predators are not always Adults. They may be teenagers, older children who threaten not to be friends if the younger child does not participate in a sexual act.

Babysitting / Child Care Trick

Beware of Adults offering assistance for babysitting or child care who seem more interested in your child than you. Intoxicating Trick Predators use Drugs and sometimes alcohol to incapacitate a child leaving them vulnerable.

Trip Trick

Be wary of any Adult attempting to take a child away for trips alone and insists that no one else attend.